GPA Aviator Dash Fundraiser

Students outside running during the Aviator Dash

On February 16, Gateway Polytechnic Academy (GPA) held their annual Aviator Dash, the school's biggest fundraising event of the year. GPA’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) organized the event and was met with great success. The goal of this fundraiser was to raise $80,000 for the benefit of both students, staff, and school. Thanks to the support of the PTO, the community, and the dedication of the remarkable parents and guardians, GPA community exceeded expectations by raising over $100,000! 

This achievement exhibits the community's commitment to the students and school. The raised funds will be distributed to a school playground shade structure, banners along the portable area, field trips, teacher grants, and PTO community events.

Several milestones were set at the $80,000, $90,000, and $100,000 marks to motivate students and ignite their passion for the fundraiser. For hitting the $80,000 goal, students got to watch as their principal, Jeff Markle, kissed a goat! Additionally, reaching the $90,000 mark was celebrated with an engaging magic show from Magic by Robbie. A family movie night at GPA was held for reaching $100,000. 

Mrs. Gordon’s 1st grade class raised the most money overall, and each student stated how good it felt to help out their school. These 1st grade students all agreed that running was the highlight of the Aviator Dash. One student said their favorite part of the fundraiser was seeing their mom and dad cheer them on.

These 1st graders also stated how they were excited about where the funds were going, especially the playground. When one student was asked why raising money for GPA was important, they enthusiastically said, “So we can do fun things for our school!”. Another said, “So we can get new equipment and play with it” with another student exclaiming, “So we can go on field trips!” 

The top-earning class also received a pizza party on top of all the other prizes, which was definitely a source of excitement for Mrs. Gordon’s students. 

By surpassing the original goal of $80,000 GPA students, teachers, and parents have demonstrated their support for the school and community. This support does not go unnoticed and benefits the community directly. A big shout out to GPA’s PTO and community for helping your school and students!

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